A Dark-Skinned Indian Girl

I come home from basketball practice every evening to the disdainful looks of the elder women in my community. I pay no attention to it. I turn on the television in my living room to pass the time and see an advertisement propagating a new fairness cream. They assure the viewers up to 10 times... Continue Reading →


Update: A change in plans

Hello readers! When I initially started this blog, I believed I could best express myself by publishing my wild imagination and most absurd thoughts through fictional short stories. While this has been the case for a while, I now realize that there is so much more to me that I feel I should represent. There... Continue Reading →

Monster Under The Bed

I was sitting in my chair for 3 hours on that day; assigning the various cases to the monsters I thought suited best. One thing to remember when assigning cases is that all younger children aren’t frightened so easily. I could not simply give the rookie monsters the cases of younger children.  For example, take... Continue Reading →

The “Unworthy” Children

Long gone are the days when children were born into their families and actually lived with them. That process of raising children was dropped in the year 2068, when the government officials finally realized the oppression faced by the kids in orphanages and foster care. Back then, no one was willing to adopt these children... Continue Reading →

The Inevitable War

John looked forward with a steely look on his face. As he scanned the area where the war was going to take place, he couldn't help but ponder on how the events over the past week had brought this war on all of them. The soldiers marched on wards, thinking of their loved ones, but... Continue Reading →

Day of Vigilance 2

As soon as Alexson woke up he realized that he had a terrible cold and could barely breathe. He didn't think that DoVs could give sicknesses as well. No one knew the extent of damage this mysterious phenomenon can cause. Alexson was scared to find out. He jumped out of bed to get breakfast when... Continue Reading →

Day of Vigilance

Alexson's life till now has been a series of boring, uneventful happenings. The lack of the element of surprise and his lack of interest in any suggestion given by anyone together has made his experience overall quite dull. He isn't one of those special needs kids, but he isn't exactly top of the class either.... Continue Reading →

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